Trying Out The New 150 Genoa


The big news for us this season is a new 150 Genoa from National Sail Supply. Readers may remember me writing that we’d shredded the old genoa last season during the Tahoe circumnavigation. Bottom line, the old 150 genoa didn’t have a sacrificial sun cover, so I suspect it suffered UV damage while on the hook, probably at a much greater rate than other locales where the sun is not so intense. At any rate, ordering the new sail was a snap, and when it arrived, it felt like Christmas. Already, I’m very impressed by the quality workmanship from head to foot, luff to leach, and she pulls Splendido like a dream.

Debbie and I had another lovely sail on Sunday, June 19th … early on, we motored south to the northern edge of Meeks Bay, then threw down the hook in the white sand bottom we enjoy so much at the southern end of Sugar Pine State Park. We were in about 9 ft. of water, and the winds were forecast to be out of the northeast all afternoon, which is unusual for Lake Tahoe. After spending a few relaxing hours just hanging out and listening to Carla Bruni’s Quelqu’un m’a dit CD (perfect for restful listening aboard a gently rocking sailboat), we sailed off the hook and enjoyed the fun, consistent easterly winds on the sail back home.





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